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How Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo got his revenge against a 12-year-old

Winners and losers in the world of sports.

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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR DEION SANDERS: The Hall of Fame cornerback turned NFL Network analyst might not be the most in-depth when it comes to critiquing the top prospects for April's NFL draft, but he's certainly colourful. "This guy is a straight up dog," Sanders said this week of former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu's performance at the Combine. "You know what I mean by dog. Man's best friend. He's a overachiever. He's all that and a bag of chips.” Of course, given that Mathieu was kicked off the team last season for repeated marijuana use, that bag of chips might be long gone by April.

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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR MO FARAH: Despite thrilling worldwide crowds last summer in London, it can be hard for some Olympians to gain true recognition. Case in point was last Sunday in New Orleans, where the Olympic 5,000- and 10,000-metre champion romped to a course-record half-marathon victory in just 61 minutes, and was then asked by a local TV anchor if he had ever run before. While he should have said, ‘No, they hand out gold medals at the Olympics for just showing up – after all, it’s the taking part that counts,’ the Brit was a true gentleman and simply played along with her ignorance.


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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR TERRELL SUGGS: Apparently triumphing in one of the most thrilling Super Bowl finishes wasn't enough for the Ravens linebacker, who took to the airwaves earlier this week to chide 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis for being "a fake tough guy." Naturally, that didn't sit well with Davis, who took to Twitter to retort, amongst other things calling his verbal assailant a "[expletive] loser," which would be fine, except for the ring now residing on Suggs's finger which says quite conclusively that he's not.

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IT’S BEEN A BAD WEEK FOR BOBBY VALENTINE: The former Red Sox manager put his harrowing six months at Fenway Park behind him on Monday when he was unveiled as the new athletic director of Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. However, despite his 69-93 record in Boston last year, Bobby V feels very strongly that his detractors are wide of the mark. “I thought I did a hell of a job in Boston,” he said. “I thought what had to be done there was done except for winning a pennant. But Connie Mack wasn’t going to win with that team.” True, but the legendary Athletics skipper would have struck around for a half century to make sure he did.


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IT’S BEEN A BAD WEEK FOR RAJON RONDO: The Celtics guard may be forced to sit out the rest of the NBA season with a torn ACL in his knee, but you can’t douse his competitive fire so easily. That was never more apparent than at a charity event at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester, Mass., according to this week’s Sports Illustrated, where Rondo was humbled in a game of Connect Four by a bespectacled 12-year-old. “But did you notice I played the guy five more times and won them all?” Rondo said. “I had to show him, ‘You beat me, I’ll beat the [expletive] out of you.’”

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