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london 2012

The London Olympic medals are displayed at the Olympic Park, Wednesday, July 25, 2012, in London.The Associated Press

The Canadian Olympic Committee won't be setting a specific medal goal for London 2012 but that hasn't stopped the various other prognosticators from putting up a target for the country's athletes to hit.

According to five predictions from Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Canadian Press and Olympic prediction expert Dan Johnson, Canadians are expected to win anywhere from 17 to 22 medals this time around, putting them right in line with the 18 they took home from Beijing in 2008.

The Canadian Press had the most ambitious total at 22 while Sports Illustrated and Johnson, an economics professor from Colorado College with a sparkling record for these sorts of predictions, were on the low end at 17.

USA Today (with a hand from Infostrada) has Canada winning 18 and the Wall Street Journal is predicting 20.

The Canadians biggest medal hopes are likely on the water, as they could win as many as four in rowing and another two or three in canoe and kayak disciplines.

Cycling, diving, swimming, gymnastics, track and field and wrestling are other multiple medal possibilities.

Canada at the Summer Olympics

Aside from the heavily boycotted 1984 Games, Canada has never had a big medal haul at a Summer Olympics. It has averaged about 17 medals the past five Games - roughly what it's projected to get in London

Canada traditionally hasn't been a Summer Olympics power, winning only three gold medals in each of the last four games dating back to a strong seven gold showing in 1992 in Barcelona led by its rowing team.

Aside from the boycotted 1984 Games, the country has never won more than the 22 medals it did in Atlanta and is unlikely to surpass that total in London.

The COC is officially aiming for a ranking rather than an overall medal count, but the organizing body has set the bar rather high in its goal.

"We're going for top 12" was all Canada's chef de mission Mark Tewksbury would say when asked about a medal target on Tuesday.

Canada's 18 medals in Beijing put them tied with Spain for 14th, six medals back of 12th place Cuba. The United States and China led the standings four years ago with 110 and 100 apiece.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Canada won seven gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. This version has been corrected.