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I'm back and wondering just what the hell is the fascination with Chris Bosh's rather benign 'tweet' asking for suggestions on where he should play next season?

Anybody who has noticed his fascination with social media and multi-media platforms can't seriously be either taken aback or surprised that he'd keep communicating during his free-agency through Twitter. Frankly, my guess is he's already planning a video on his trek through free agency, which is why his appearance at Tuesday's Lakers game and subsequent tour to the Lakers dressing room is to be expected. It won't be the last time you'll see Bosh on TV during the playoffs. If the NBA was the NHL, he'd probably be on one of those talking head playoff panels talking about important stuff like how "getting the first goal is huge." 'Cause you need a player to make you know it's really, really, really important to get the first goal.

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Bosh is a guy who waited until he was in his mid-20s to get a tattoo and then did a film about it: First Ink. It was a sad thing to see, because getting a tattoo in the NBA isn't an "edgy" thing to do: it's simply a way to join the rest of the sheep and shows a complete lack of originality. It's a bit like the guy who waits until he's 50 to get his ear pierced, which for most of us would be a cry for help. Bosh is a guy who has routinely tweeted his social plans, so it stands to reason he'd change his Twitter location to "Everywhere" and get rid of any mention of himself as Toronto Raptors captain even though he is technically under contract to the team. Same with the website - which, as Chris Young of The Star points out, is down for maintenance.

The fact is that Bosh's days with the Raptors were numbered when it all went south for the club and when voices from inside the organization started claiming that Bosh was the conduit for "outside influences" contributing to the teams downfall. Behind Bosh's affinity for Twitter and playfulness is a guy who realizes that his shelf-life as a Raptor has expired. He isn't upset about it. Nor is he worried about it. He's going to have some fun with it and if you take it all that seriously? Frankly, it says more about you than it does about Bosh.

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