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Uruguay's President Jose Mujica is seen in this photo giving Uruguay's captain Diego Lugano the national flag before an international friendly soccer match against Slovenia.Matilde Campodonico/The Associated Press

Uruguay's famously casual President Jose Mujica has tossed some earthy expletives at FIFA over its four-month ban of Luis Suarez.

Mujica, an always colourful character and former leftist guerrilla who has a cult following in some quarters due to his blunt language and humble lifestyle, referred to FIFA as "bunch of old sons of whores" as he welcomed Uruguay's team back from the World Cup on Sunday. He put his hand over his mouth in mock horror at the expletive, but when a journalist for state television station asked, he said, "Publish it."

He also referred to FIFA's stiff penalty on Uruguay's star striker as "fascist," though he said that Suarez could have been sanctioned with a lesser sentence.

The president's comments reflect the angry mood in Uruguay, a small country that is proud of its outsized soccer accomplishments, which include two World Cup championships.

Uruguay was bounced out of the World Cup on Saturday with a loss to Colombia, playing without Suarez. FIFA banned the striker from nine national team games and for four months from all FIFA-governed soccer activity for biting an Italian defender – the third time in his career he's been sanctioned for using his teeth on an opponent.

Many in Uruguay questioned whether there was any bite at all, and argued that other players have used tactics just as rough without being punished.