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Vince Young's affinity for cheesecake cost him thousands

Already out of work, it was reveled this week that the ex-NFL quarterback has blown most of the $26-million he earned during six seasons.

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GOOD WEEK Hands up who wants to play the Blue Jays every day. Ichiro Suzuki, the Yankees’ outfielder would be one of the first to raise an arm, and who can blame him?

Kathy Willens/AP

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In a doubleheader against Toronto Wednesday, the Japanese legend went 7-for-8 on the day, including a four-steal effort in the night game, joining a certain Ty Cobb as one of the four players who have had at least seven hits and four steals in a single day.


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GOOD WEEK Yohan Blake may be a beast on the track but he’s hardly shabby on the wicket either. The triple Olympic medalist returned to his favourite sport last Saturday, inspiring his cricket team, Bartley’s XI, to a 36-run win over the Correctional Services.


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Of his 21 runs, one six certainly left an impression on the crowd in attendance, in particular one unlucky car owner, who found a rather large hole in his back windshield. Still, no doubt accepting that he’d been touched by greatness, the owner simply shook Blake by the hand, telling him “it’s part of the game.”


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BAD WEEK Apparently Logan Morrison, the Florida Marlins’ outfielder, missed the entire Escobar affair this week, following it up with this choice tweet: “If you’re male & have a White iPhone, I question whether or not we could be friends…” And Blue Jays manager John Farrell doesn’t believe homophobic sentiments are a problem in baseball.

Gene J. Puskar/The Associated Press

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BAD WEEK Some baseball players go entire careers without even sniffing the postseason but Bryce Harper, the Nationals’ phenom, clinched his first trip to playoff baseball in just his 126th game. It was news to him, however.


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“Everyone started going crazy and I looked at the fireworks and said ‘I guess we just did something,’” he said. “Someone handed me a playoff hat and a playoff shirt and I said, ‘I guess we are going to the playoffs.’” Perhaps he’ll be a little more dialled in come October.

Alex Brandon/AP

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BAD WEEK NFL quarterbacks are no strangers to losing – even Tom Brady tastes defeat now and again – but the latest loss for the former Titans quarterback Vince Young is of staggering proportions. Reports this week suggest that not only has he blown the $26-million he earned during six seasons of NFL football, but he did it in mind-blowing style.


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Regular $5,000 bills at the Cheesecake Factory, paying a kid $200 to carry his luggage, and maintaining a routine of shooting $600 glasses of Louis XIII de Remy Martin after games suggest someone who was about as good at managing his finances as he was at managing football games.

Gary Wiepert/The Associated Press

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