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The NHL Winter Classic hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers, Jan. 2, 2012, in Philadelphia.

We asked readers whether the cancellation of the Winter Classic and the lockout has irreparably damaged their opinion of the NHL. Here's some of their responses. Add your opinion in the comments section.

It's really a shame that both parties haven't looked up the word negotiate in the dictionary. Get with it guys, work out a deal so we can drop the puck on the 2012-13 season ! This fan is starting to lose patience with both sides.

Ron Vanderwees, Winkler, Man.

I feel that the NHL acts that fans like me will just come back because we love hockey but as much I do love hockey, I'll get my fix by playing it and devote my sport-watching time to other pursuits.

Heather Leslie, Toronto

The NHL, players and owners, are oblivious to the economic troubles of their fans and whatever solution they hammer out will continue the upward movement in ticket prices. I for one am going on strike, permanently. The best thing the NHL can do is hand the stadiums over to the juniors.

Jamie Kozak, Vancouver

I have become disenfranchised by the bickering of millionaires all under the guise of "doing what`s best for the fans." The NHL will have to work very hard to have my viewership and merchandising dollars back. If ever.

Steve Suski, Calgary

I simply do not care if they come back. The OHL is fine and plan on giving the NBA a good/long try this winter. The NHL has lost me.

Phil Dynes, London

NHL hockey is like an addiction. Many addicts need more than one chance to give it up, go clean, get on with living the good life. The NHL and its players have given us a number of opportunities in recent years to quit being pro hockey addicts and I think I'm ready to let it go.

Lorne Daniel, Victoria

It's a disgrace and embarrassing that I have to feel apologetic for the sport I love. That's all on them.

Sharon Hrab, Illinois

When the NHL comes back, I'll watch the games. I like hockey too much to ignore it. I just don't know that I'll ever have the same fervour I did before.

Kristina Morton, Troy, Ont.

If they cancel the season, I will give up on the NHL and I will never come back.

Curtis Andrews, Vancouver It would take more than this for me to write off the NHL. It's unfortunate that neither side is willing to bend on the key issues (yet), but lockouts and labour disputes are simply part of the North American pro sports landscape now.

Steven Woodgead, Toronto

The only real way for me to be won back would be to see a much smaller, competitive league (with Bettman fired!).

Chris Hamilton, Toronto

As I sit here waiting for this lockout to come to a conclusion, I feel like a dope. Both sides apologize to the fans, but the truth is, neither care about any of us.

Chris McGuirk, Menasha, Wisc.