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From a Star Trek pizza cutter to mechanical keyboard that clicks, these gadgets will please casual and hard-core nerds alike

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POP Phone Native Union Smartphones aren’t the most ergonomically comfortable devices to talk on for an extended period of time. That’s where Native Union comes in. The POP Phone acts like a traditional telephone handset, and is designed to look like one too. Almost any device with a standard 3.5mm plug should work without issue. Just don’t expect a rotary model anytime soon; that’s probably pushing it. ($39.99 CAD;

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PlugBug You’ve got a phone to charge, but can’t spare to use one your laptop’s precious few ports. Luckily, the PlugBug is a USB wall charger that “piggybacks” onto your MacBook’s power adapter, and offers an extra outlet for your iPhone, Android or other USB-capable device. Two devices, one socket. ($34 USD + shipping;

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Das Keyboard If you’re the type that gets all nostalgic for the click-clack sound of yesteryear’s keyboards, the Das Keyboard Professional should help. The mechanical, spring-loaded keys offer a weight and feel similar to that of IBM’s famous Model M—perfect for the old-school touch-typist in your life, assuming you don’t buy one for yourself. ($119 CAD;

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Corsair Flash Survivor 16GB Corsair’s heavy-duty flash drive should keep your data safe and secure from even the most foolish foibles. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and waterproof to 200 meters, surviving the apocalyptic wasteland of 2012 should be a trivial affair. If only we could say the same for you, fleshy human. ($37.99 CAD;

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Bedphones Headphones It’s hard to fall asleep with traditional earbuds—and worse still with over-the-ear cans. Bedphones, however, are specially designed to be slim, low-profile, and highly comfortable for nighttime use. Built-in earhooks should keep even the most restless of sleepers happy, but we’ll leave the soothing, ocean-sounds playlist up to you. ($29.95 USD + shipping;

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Doxie Doxie doesn’t look like your typical scanner, and for good reason. You don’t even have to plug it in! Scanned documents go straight to the cloud—for example, Google Docs or Flickr—where you can deal with them later as you see fit. Not that you can’t connect it to your Mac or PC if you want. But Doxie is so simple you probably won’t have to. ($149 USD + shipping;

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Apogee Jam Guitar gods, take note—the Apogee Jam makes connecting your guitar or bass to an iPhone, iPad or Mac dead simple. It works great with Garageband, and with analog-to-digital conversion built-in, you get a cleaner signal and better sound than most other products—perfect for recording your next experimental rock-opera odyssey. ($99 CAD;

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Dodocase Apple’s own iPad case isn’t so smart if you like protecting the back of your device as much as the front. That’s where DODOcase comes in. Designed and built by a group of San Francisco bookbinders, DODOcase looks and feels like your typical Moleskine notebook, but protects your iPad inside. Best of all, it leaves potential thieves none the wiser of what lies within. ($59 USD + shipping;

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Capacitive gloves/digits Winter is coming—and that means fighting sub-zero temperatures just to use your phone. But instead of ditching the gloves, why not buy a pair that work with your smartphone’s touchscreen instead? Or, if you’re happy with your current pair, you can grab some special capacitive digits to attach on the cheap. ($17.99/9.99 CAD;

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Agloves Another option to avoid frostbitten fingers while fiddling with your phone waiting for the bus: Designed by a mother and daughter tired of operating their touch-screen phones with their noses in the winter, Agloves are knitted with bioelectricity-conducting silver nylon thread. (starting at $17.99;

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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter The razor-sharp saucer section of this stainless steel, officially-licensed pizza cutter in the shape of Captain Kirk’s original NCC-1701 slices through pies like a phaser set to kill, then diverts all power to shields to withstand dishwasher abuse. Those who choose not to soil the ship can keep it in its collector’s box. ($19.99;

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