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Lost keys? Road trip iPod running out of juice? Check engine light on? Consider these doohickeys for drivers

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Coffee cup power inverter Snazzy way to power two 120 Volt AC pluggable devices and one USB device inside your car without having to worry about individual car-adapters for each one. 200-watt inverter also features overload protection and low-battery shutoff, comes with an 18-inch cord. Fits snugly into standard cupholders … just make sure you don’t try to drink from it. ($29.99 at


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GL1 Vehicle Diagnostics for iPad/iPhone Good news gearheads, this device connects your iPhone or iPad to your car’s On Board Diagnostics data letting your find out all about things like engine performance and fuel economy. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay your mechanic a hundred bucks just to tell you what the Check Engine light means, just plug in the GL1 and you’ll know right away. ($99.99 at


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Wireless Remote Key Finder If you’re the type who leaves his or her car and house keys laying about in random jackets, this wireless keyfinder could be a lifesaver. Comes with two colour-coded key rings that ring with an audible alarm when you hit the pager button on the transmitter which uses two AAA batteries (key rings use standard watch batteries, included). The transmitter can be removed from its base so you can carry it around to find your keys if need be, though the signal works from up to 60 feet away. ($14.99 at Canadian Tire)


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Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign Tell the driver behind you to “Help” if you’re in trouble, “Back Off” if they’re too close, “Thank You” if they’ve let you in or “Sorry” if you’ve accidentally cut them off, along with 16 other messages and emoticons displayed via an LED display that affixes to your rear window. Operated remotely by a small remote control from the driver’s seat. Powered by four AA batteries that should last about four months with average use. ($29.99 at


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Closed-hood car jump-starter Forget fumbling around inside the hood and praying you connected your wires right when trying to jump-start your car. Just connect the Wagan Easy Quick Jumper via both cars’ cigarette lighter outlets, wait 5 to 10 minutes and when the light goes green you’re ready to start up. Comes with 18-foot long cord. ($24.99 at


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BodyGard 5-in-1 emergency tool A compact tool that attaches to your keyring and helps you escape your car after an accident. Swiss+Tech gadget features a spring-loaded automatic glass breaker, safety-blade seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, LED flashlight and flashing red distress light. Lightweight with an easily replaced battery, it detaches with a swift pull when you need it. ($14.99 at


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Coin-counting travel mug Fits in your cupholder automatically counts all Canadian coins you throw in. Has a digital readout, easy twist-off cap and can store a ton of change. Stop giving your change to the floormats and your seats! Also handy for toll, parking or coffee money. ($9.99 at Canadian Tire)


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