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Social media stars in 'The Digital Story of Nativity' Add to ...

"Mary, you're going to give birth to the Son of God." That's the iPhone notification that launches ' The Digital Story of Nativity.'

This two and a half minute video maps out the very first Christmas through the eyes of social media. From Wikipedia to Google Maps to Twitter to Foursquare, there is no shortage of online platforms featured in this YouTube sensation. Joseph even uses Facebook to announce the baby's birth, which immediately draws thousands of likes.

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Excentric, a digital marketing agency based in Portugal, created the video. Around five million people have logged on already to see what's it's all about. While some have used the digital story to launch into a theological debate, for the most part, viewers rave about how the agency's creation brings the Christmas story into the 21st century.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Hertz car (donkey) rental from Nazerth to Bethlehem
  • Joseph buys a cow and donkey in Farmville
  • Facebook event invitation to "Meet the Baby" at the Stable
  • #Worship the Baby hashtag on Twitter
  • Gold bar offerings on Amazon

As CNN reports, a number of US-based churches like the video so much they've asked Excentric if they can show it in their services.

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