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Greplin makes social search impossibly easy Add to ...

A couple of weeks ago I met the most fascinating person. He keynotes around the world on how to improve your memory, so you can easily recall names, numbers, and even where you forgot your keys.

The problem is (of course) I couldn't remember this guy's name. And since I didn’t have a chance to attend his speech, I missed out on his lessons in memory-boosting. I knew we had exchanged messages, but wasn't sure if they were on Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Thankfully, I discovered Greplin. The premise of this service is pretty simple. If you need to search for something in your online social life, plug a term into this tool and it will scour all of your personal accounts. Currently accounts include Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Dropbox, and Yammer.

When I first took the service for a test drive, I added a few of my key social services. Although I had the choice to filter findings based on People, Streams, and Message, I chose the All options to get the most bang for my buck. Like magic, when I searched for the word “memory” - figuring this was probably part of my message to said speaker - our conversation showed up and I was promptly reminded of his name: Bob Gray.

It only took me a minute to set up my account, which is free for 200MB of storage. A premium account with 500MB of storage costs $4.99/month and Premium Plus is $14.99/month for even more storage and services.

On Wednesday Greplin officially opened up to the public. While they're already getting a lot of buzz, the service doesn't seem to be experiencing any hiccups. And it's fast. Really fast. As for privacy, they have an extensive privacy policy page indicating that users have full control over their own data.

Since signing up 30 minutes ago, I've searched for multiple items and am thrilled to have a tool to help me stay on top of all my online conversations.

Greplin may not be able to help me find my keys, but now that I have his contact information, at least I can book a session with memory guru Bob Gray.

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