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Mansbridge #winning on Twitter for Royal Wedding commentary

A screencapture of Peter Mansbridge on CBC's broadcast of the Royal Wedding

Among the #RoyalWedding, Buckingham Palace, and #proudtobebritish, there is an unlikely trending topic. Well, not really a topic, but a person. CBC's Peter Mansbridge has been holding ground as one of the top 10 topics of conversation on Twitter Friday.

As the veteran broadcaster nestles up to a perky fashionista in red, he keeps his tweeps highly engaged with his off-the-cuff commentary. Unlike other news anchors at this historic event, you kind of get the feeling that Mansbridge would rather be somewhere else. A kind of, "I can't believe we're devoting this much time to hats and dresses; isn't there a national election going on?"

Don't get me wrong, he isn't unpleasant, but instead he's letting his guard down (what there was left of it). While slightly out of his element, he's entirely comfortable poking fun at the fluffier moments during this royal wedding (and there are many). During a chat about what everyone is wearing he admits that, "I'm no fashionista." As Sarah MacDonald ( @smacdownn) says, his "sassy comments make this bearable."

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Heck, he's even busted out a fake British accent to engage his viewers. And the jokes keep coming. A quip about the new couple going to Churchill, Manitoba for their honeymoon (Mansbridge's hometown). A giggle after mentioning the word "fascinator." With each little interaction, the Twitter community demands more. "Gonna have to give Peter Mansbridge dude status he is pretty cool!!! I have a new love for the guy!" tweets @kennyjones77.

If you expect Mansbridge to tweet back to his fans, that might be a lot to ask. Although he does have an official @petermansbridge account, he still hasn't tweeted yet. However, with his new-found Twitter fame, maybe one day soon he'll give it a whirl.

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