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Why Bad Lip Reading is way more awesome than Auto-Tune The News

Barack Obama spoofed by Bad Lip Reading, your next viral video sensation


"We've been out of brownies, rice and we miss pork chops in summer. And that's why Beefaroni, garlic, peanut butter, ice cream, purple flowers, the hope would smash my windows." This isn't a likely speech from the ever-so-eloquent U.S. President Barack Obama, but if you're tuning into "Bad Lip Reading" on YouTube the "leader of the free world" was this week's victim in a hilarious parody video clip titled " Trick the Bridesmaid" (see above).

The online group (also known as BLR) is newly famous for inserting their own words over speeches and music videos, and lately, for poking fun at presidential contenders. In their Rick Perry video, released earlier this month (below), the GOP hopeful explains that "what's good is getting these goats for our computer industry." He also dives into rambling sentences about food, including Doritos, tamales, and ice cream.

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BLR's work is reminiscent of The Gregory Brothers, the YouTube sensations that began auto-tuning and songifying the news in 2007 (with more than 350 million video views to date).

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What's different, and perhaps more intriguing, about BLR is how accurately they create songs that dub their own words over the mouths of their victims (and then monetize the hilarious tracks on iTunes). According to the group's YouTube channel, they've created 12 videos so far since their online debut in March of this year, nailing Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Will.I.Am and Canada's own Michael Buble and Justin Bieber (" Hot Jumpin' Beeeaaaans!").

Although the recent Obama remix is more than three minutes long, you can't stop watching as ridiculous phrases come pouring out of his mouth.

Fair warning, most of the videos are a little foul-mouthed and not all are safe for work, but they're good for a laugh. I mean, who doesn't want to hear the most powerful man in the world speak phrases like this, "'Cause even long-legged women can't tell there's a blue-eyed hobbit."

Now, let's watch that Buble video again:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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