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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:08 MOMmagRocks: That column just seemed like something a group of clucking hens would do at a mommy's group - bash men, then bashe each other... not cool

12:08 phdinparenting: Forrester has an excellent social media consumer profile tool http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/profile_tool.html It shows that 20% of Canadian men and 16% of Canadian women are social media content creators. In lower age brackets though, e.g. 18 to 24, it is virtually equal between the two genders.

12:08 Margaret Wente: Okay, I'll try to justify myself here. I was referring in my column to the type of blogging that refers to news and current events. This is largely -- though by no means exclusively -- a male world, just as radio phone-in talk shows and televsion panels of people analyzing and opining on the days' events. Just look at CNN, or The National. In my view this reflects the fact that many men love to opinionize on the spot. It's a form of competition.

12:09 MOMmagRocks: Maybe so but you should've clarified that.

12:09 [Comment From BernieBernie: ]

This seems to be dredging up gender wars. It seems that in the 60's and 70's the founder's of the women's movement stressed that men were the enemy. If there is an enemy out there, is it just as likely to be other women?

12:10 MOMmagRocks: I like to throw down with the best of em, male or female.

12:10 phdinparenting: There are certainly a lot of high profile blogs and blogging empires focused on current event that are run by women - e.g. Huffington Post, BlogHer, The Daily Beast, etc.

12:10 MOMmagRocks: And you were quite specific about women "not blogging". Look at Erica Ehm's Yummy Mummy Club. her whole concept is based on mommy bloggers

12:11 [Comment From ocelottocelott: ]

Literary and book blogs are vastly dominated by women.

12:11 MOMmagRocks: Food blogger Julie Van Rosendaal's Dinner With Julie, Erin Rosar's The Wine Girl...

12:11 Margaret Wente: About stirring up the gender wars: Well, I was being a bit tongue-in cheek. There really is a thing called Male Answer Synndrome , which means that men are pretty quick to shoot their mouths off in a very competitive way.

12:12 MOMmagRocks: Many experts in various industries use blogs as a form of marketing - finance, food, housing, etc

12:12 [Comment From amyamy: ]

So blogs that don't talk about news and current events don't count as 'real' blogs?

12:12 MOMmagRocks: Yah I suffer from a lot of syndromes, penis envy is one of them ;)

12:12 phdinparenting: Blogging for me is not about competition. It is about having a voice, advocacy, politics, sharing. I see that as more important and useful than shooting off at the mouth. However, I know some women who do shout off at the mouth and plenty of men who don't.

12:13 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

That's odd, Margaret, I read a lot of Canadian women bloggers who write about politics.

12:13 [Comment From KaitlinKaitlin: ]

Huffington Post is a *great* example of blogging about current events!

12:13 MOMmagRocks: Blogs truly are used as a form of marketing, not just about bored housewives with nothing better to do

12:14 MOMmagRocks: Margaret, your comment about blog comments was pretty close to true... lots of people who comment hide behind anonymity and shoot their mouths off, but i see it from women more so than men

12:15 MOMmagRocks: and most women - or men - wouldn't dare say it to your face, had they had the chance.

12:15 [Comment From BernieBernie: ]

I agree with Margaret on Male Answer Syndrome, and about many of the things she writes about. I really enjoyed her latest book. I think she brings a refreshing perspective that moves us beyond the man v .woman stalemate for which both genders keep going albiet in their unique ways.

12:15 [Comment From HMBCHMBC: ]

The whole question of "Male Answer Syndrome," too, seems to suggest that all men are brainless goons that shoot first and ask questions later. Can I just point out that a good number of bloggers are generally intelligent and respectable people? The fact that they choose to express themselves in writing seems to contradict the idea you're trying to create that blogging is a form of masculinity - given the choice between watching hockey and writing a blog, it seems like the more testosterone-driven man will stay off the internet.

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