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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:32 [Comment From KaitlinKaitlin: ]

Is it also possible, Margaret, that you read blogs produced by well known journalists? I disagree that journalism is gender neutral, speaking as a media historian. I would like to see evidence to back that claim up.

12:32 Margaret Wente: Right-wing women: You must be kidding! I hate to tell you, but many of the most popular female bloggers are right wing. Michelle Malkin. Melanie Phillips. Small Dead Animals here in Canada. I could go on.

12:32 [Comment From jmeganjmegan: ]

Antonia Zerbisias writes a great political/current events blog...

12:32 [Comment From amyamy: ]

I would also point out that a lot of so called 'mommy bloggers' do blog about political issues when things happen that make them passionate. I certainly do.

12:33 phdinparenting: Thanks for asking Globe and Mail. There are a number of aspects to BlogHer. Women bloggers can post on the BlogHer site and get more exposure for their ideas. Women can attend their conferences to network with others. And women can be part of their ad network to generate revenue on their blogs.

12:33 [Comment From BigDaddySaidBigDaddySaid: ]

Thinking and speaking (or blogging) should be in balance. Some topics require more thought and research than others. Sometimes it"s OK to shoot from the hip and just mouth off.

12:33 [Comment From MelanieMelanie: ]

Mommag: "women are catty by nature . . . love to gossip and scratch each others' eyes out"? I think you're just as guilty of making broad generalizations about gender as Margaret.

12:33 [Comment From RebeccaRebecca: ]

re: 'mommy bloggers' only having mom/child focus to their blog is not entirely accurate (many do yes) but there are many amazing writers who write about current events, political/social issues etc. in an informative or educated way. Take the time to explore what's out there and you'll see the quality is incredible, and information is vast.

12:33 [Comment From amotherworldamotherworld: ]

At the same time, Margaret's column is her opinion to which she is, like everybody else, entitled.

12:33 MOMmagRocks: Melanie, maybe so but it's what I see...

12:34 MOMmagRocks: There was absolutely no research done for this column and i understand it's an opiniuon piece but try to at least be INFORMED about your opinion

12:35 phdinparenting: amotherworld: Margaret is entitled to her own opinion. But if I shared the opinion that the world is flat, people would probably jump up and tell me I was wrong.

12:35 phdinparenting: Margaret Wente: Oh, good. I'm glad you have found some women bloggers that you like.

12:36 MOMmagRocks: LOL phd, see, there ARE femal bloggers.. thought you said there weren't, Margaret

12:36 [Comment From jmeganjmegan: ]

Also, a lot of the feminist blogs write about current/political events - Shakesville, Feministing, etc

12:37 [Comment From shoeismshoeism: ]

You know, in a way, Margaret, your original article about men bloggers was a touch like MAS itself, wasn't it?

12:37 MOMmagRocks: Jmegan: you don't have to be a fminist to write a blog...

12:37 [Comment From Lemon HoundLemon Hound: ]

I don't see women's opinions shaping public discourse, or public policies...the problem isn't that women aren't out there rather that they don't seem to be immediately folded in to these discourses. I don't want to go to a Mommy blog, or blogher, I want more women, the mommy voices, in the mainstream...you can hit on the G&M almost any day and see 5 our 6 male blogger voices...that's what needs to change.

12:38 MOMmagRocks: what i thought was incredible tacky - and I don't know who was responsible for this - was the link to the 3 dead men in the BC avalanche from Marg's column... tasteless on SO many levels

12:38 [Comment From jmeganjmegan: ]

MommagRocks - agreed! Just pointing out some counter-examples, of women who blog about current events and politics.

12:38 Margaret Wente: One thing that's really impressing me about this conversation is that it turns out women on line can be every bit as insulting, judgmental and wrong-headed as men. Is this good , or bad?

12:38 phdinparenting: Lemon Hound: That is more of an issue of hiring practices in mainstream media then.

12:38 [Comment From KaitlinKaitlin: ]

Assuming that there are few female bloggers commenting on current events, I would chalk this up to the political economy of journalism and politics in general.

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