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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:39 MOMmagRocks: Margaret, I eptiomize vulgarity, raunchiness and all things inappropriate. And I don't have a d*ck

12:39 [Comment From ReaderReader: ]

Margaret's column was obviously not researched or rooted in reality. Which begs the question -- did Globe and Mail editors run it simply for the controversy and web hits (hence this lively debate)?

12:39 MOMmagRocks: just saying :D

12:39 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

No one said you had to be a feminist to write a blog, MOMMagRocks, Jmegan was listing feminist blogs that write about current political events.

12:39 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

I think this is a very reasonable discussion.

12:39 phdinparenting: I don't think being judgmental, insulting or wrong-headed is useful at all for any gender. I think well-reasoned, well-researched arguments are critical for discussion.

12:39 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

It's neither good nor bad that women can be as insulting and argumentative. It just *is*. You can't really attach a value-judgement like that.

12:39 [Comment From ocelottocelott: ]

Women are people too, Ms. Wente. So yes, they can be wrong, offensive, or what have you, just like men.

12:39 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

Dear Globe & Mail: there are actually almost 19,000 blogs listed on the BlogHer network, the 2500 number is how many are part of the ad network. Not all blogs have ads.

12:40 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

someone who is proud of their "potty-mouth" is hardly in a position to complain about someone else's taste. The analogy to the snowmobilers in the avalanche was to demonstrate men's willingness to take risks as far as I could tell.

12:41 [Comment From gordongordon: ]

MOMmagRocks: I totally agree with you wrt the picture.

12:41 [Comment From JennJenn: ]

Generalizing by gender is rarely useful. Individuals vary pretty widely.

12:41 phdinparenting: Guest: That is true and that 19,000 is also just the blogs listed on Blogher. There are around 8 million blogs written by women in the United States.

12:41 MOMmagRocks: Dear Guest: hiding behind anonymity?? I'm not proud of my potty mouth, I just don't pretend to be something I'm not

12:42 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

The analogy to the snowmobilers just added a humorous touch to her article, nothing wrong with that.

12:42 [Comment From gordon gordon : ]

@Guest: There are women who snowmobile, you know.

12:43 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

Phd - I just wanted them to correct the mention in the article above - and you are absolutely correct

12:43 MOMmagRocks: I think we're making a point here: women can be nasty and insulting AND blog...

12:43 [Comment From writelife writelife : ]

Why does everything begin with the predicate that men are vulgar idiots? Seems to me that means men define women and that you spend to much time with the wrong men.

12:44 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

There are numerous Canadian women blogging about politics, with a large readership. Why aren't we talking about any of them?

12:44 Margaret Wente: Believe it or not, I don't write columns to generate web hits. If I did, I'd write exclusively about Tiger Woods sexting Sarah Palin on a melting iceberg. (All you have to do is put "sex") in the headline to get plenty of hits.) This was a lighter piece about opinions and sex differences in expressing them (just see our usual online comments: I'd bet that 80 per cent are male). I was amazed by the response. I thought it was men who'd get mad. Instead it's women. In fact a bunch of men have told me I'm absolutely right. Women tend to express themselves more thoughtfully than men do, and do not feel they have to score points all the time. (Maybe this assertion is both right and wrong.)

12:44 [Comment From Jack Spratt Jack Spratt : ]

PHD: where did you get the stat, 8 million women bloggers in the US? And is there similar stats for men?

12:44 MOMmagRocks: Thank you writelife: if roles were reversed the feminists would be all up in their faces "How DARE you talk about women that way!"

12:45 phdinparenting: Women may express themselves thoughtfully and they do so in droves on their blogs.

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