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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:54 MOMmagRocks: Well you have to, they pay you.

12:56 Jennifer MacMillan: We're going to wrap up shortly, but just wanted to say it's been one of our more raucous live discussions so far ;)

Margaret - considering the response that your column got, has it changed your opinion? Do you think you'd write the same column again?

12:56 MOMmagRocks: Look, I'm not here to offend anyone, I am merely trying to state a position that Women Blog, Women can throw down and Men are not stupid, incompetant barbarians

12:57 MOMmagRocks: Thanks Jenn... truly enjoyed this!! A pleasure chatting with you ladies! Truly!

12:57 [Comment From shoeism shoeism : ]

MOMMagRocks, that isn't a fair comment. Margaret just illustrated the difference between blogger and her job. Just facts.

12:57 [Comment From sashaeskie sashaeskie : ]

Margaret, I just read your column and I think you are absolutely right! Every word. I read lots of blogs and every single author is male.

12:57 [Comment From JP JP : ]

MOMmag, just because you feel she didn't live up to the standard, doesn't give you the right to be a bully.

12:57 MOMmagRocks: Shameless plug: http://www.mommagazine.ca

12:57 Margaret Wente: Would I write the same column again? Let's just say whenever I manage to offend such a large group of people, it is cause to reflect. (I once insulted the entire province of Newfoundland.)

12:58 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

Oh, come on MOMmagRocks. That was uncalled for.

12:58 [Comment From JP JP : ]

Hear hear Shari.

12:58 MOMmagRocks: Guest, get a username and quit hiding... anonymity is for weaklings

12:58 [Comment From hypatiadotca hypatiadotca : ]

@MOMmagRocks: and I'll add to that that gender essentialism is both misguided and unhelpful :)

12:58 [Comment From Shari Shari : ]

I buy the globe and pay for it. I do not agree with Ms.Wente all the the time, but I know that the world would be a boring place without her.

12:59 Margaret Wente: I've enjoyed this discussion (sort of). i wonder what would happen if we all got together over dinner. I imagine there'd be lots of bun throwing. We need more of that in this country.

12:59 [Comment From David in Markham David in Markham : ]

I don't understand why the stronger more opinionated women who are more comfortable with voicing their opinions like MOMmagRocks think the rest of women are just like her. It's pretty obvious that it's not

12:59 MOMmagRocks: David, I don't. I think they should be.

12:59 MOMmagRocks: I agree Margaret! Thanks again!!

1:01 The Globe and Mail: It's been a lively hour - thanks to our commenters for joining in. Thanks to Margaret and thanks to our blogger panellists - Annie Urban and Tamara Plant.

1:01 [Comment From phdinparenting phdinparenting : ]

Can't find the link for that study right now, but it is the 2009 Compass BlogHer Social Media Study

1:02 [Comment From Reality Chick Reality Chick : ]

I think therefore I blog

1:02 [Comment From phdinparenting phdinparenting : ]

Thank you!

1:02 [Comment From phdinparenting phdinparenting : ]

Thanks everyone.

1:03 [Comment From Laura Laura : ]

Thanks to Margaret for bringing attention to the issue. @Phd - thanks for bringing in the facts that Margaret will surely include next time. ;)

1:03 [Comment From shoeism shoeism : ]

Diversity is what makes things interesting. If everyone shouted in the same way, who would listen. Anyway, this has been a great discussion with food for thought. Bye all!

1:03 phdinparenting: Here is one version of the study I mentioned earlier: http://www.slideshare.net/LisaStone/2009-women-and-social-media-study-by-blogher-ivillage-and-compass-partners Not the same document I was looking at yesterday, but based on the same survey.

1:03 [Comment From Kaitlin Kaitlin : ]

Shari, the world would not be a boring place without her. Some of us could actually read the paper without getting in a tizzy over someone who doesn't know what she's talking about.

1:03 [Comment From valerieinto valerieinto : ]

Maybe someone should invite Ms. Wente to the next Toronto Geek Girl Dinner in a couple weeks. No buns will likely be served.

1:04 [Comment From writelife writelife : ]

Who blogs and why? Now that would be an interesting column.

1:04 [Comment From JP JP : ]

One can respectfully and intelligently disagree...or one can be MOMmag-ish.

1:04 phdinparenting: Globe and Mail: Does the discussion stay up afterward for people who want to view it after the fact? If not, is a transcript available.

1:05 The Globe and Mail: Yes - we're going to leave the discussion up afterward, and a transcript should also be available on the same page later today :)

1:05 MOMmagRocks: Thank JP! appreciate it :D

1:05 phdinparenting: Excellent. Have a great afternoon everyone. Keep on blogging everyone.

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