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OS X 10.10 update? iOS 8? iPhone 6? New Apple TV? An iWatch? Speculation over the WWDC revelations runs rampant. (Apple)
OS X 10.10 update? iOS 8? iPhone 6? New Apple TV? An iWatch? Speculation over the WWDC revelations runs rampant. (Apple)

What is Apple up to? Pre-WWDC rumour roundup Add to ...

The same can’t be said for a new Retina notebook: There’s simply no reason to show it off at a conference that’s primarily devoted to software. Apple already has Retina display notebooks out there. applications in OS X run in windowed or fullscreen mode, as opposed to being set up to run on a particular device like iOS apps are. So existing applications like Pages, Omnifocus 2 or World of Warcraft won’t have to be tweaked too much, if at all, in order to work on a new laptop like a MacBook Air with Retina display.

There’s a very good chance that Apple could have a Retina MacBook Air ready to release, but I see no reason to introduce it at WWDC this year. Doing so would steal stage time and the spotlight from other efforts the company wants to draw attention to.

OS X 10.10

The last OS X update, Mavericks, primarily focused on providing providing the company’s desktop and laptop computer hardware more efficient processor use and improved power management. I suspect that the big noise about the OS this year will be its graphical realignment at the hands of Jony Ive. At the same time he was given reign to correct the skeuomorphic hot mess that iOS had become in recent years, he and his team were also tasked with refining the look of OS X’s GUI. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that we’ll see more of the same flat design, pastels and smoked glass overlays that iPhone and iPad users have been subjected to since the release of iOS 7. Mac and iOS users: a single unified design language is upon you.

A Cheap iMac or iPhone 5s?

Apple recently updated their all-in-one iMac desktop computers with Intel Haswell processors, optional flash-based storage and zippy new WiFi capabilities. All of this costs a lot of money: The entry price for Apple’s basic iMac, the 21” 2.7GHz model, is $1,349. In order to capture more of the desktop market, a number of pundits have voiced their belief that Apple will most likely provide consumers with a less powerful iMac system at a lower price. The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has an understanding of Apple’s culture and plans that borders on the occult. His feelings on whether we’ll see a cheap iMac: Nope. (Full disclosure: I occasionally work for The Loop Magazine on a freelance basis.) But that doesn’t mean no new iMacs at all. A number of developers have reported new model iMac references in the latest beta version of OS X 10.9.4. This has traditionally meant that new hardware is on the way.

And as for a low-cost iteration of the iPhone 5s, double nope according to Jim. For this year, at the very least, it’s not going to happen.

Apple TV

While its been blessed by the occasional software update and the addition of a few subscription channels over the past few years, the Apple TV hasn’t undergone a major rehash since 2012. This hasn’t stopped it from being the best streaming media set top box option for most people in Canada.

Reports from around the Web would have the next iteration of the Apple TV functioning as a cable box, maybe adding the capability to play games, run iOS apps or even be operated by voice control through the use of Siri. It makes sense to try and keep up with the increasingly complex functionality of such competing streaming hardware solutions as Google Chromecast, Roku’s offerings or Amazon’s Fire TV. However, as is often the case with Apple products prior to their announcement, details on which, if any of these features might show up in the next version of the hardware, are non-existent.

We only have to wait a few more days to find out. Be sure to check back with us on Monday as we’ll be in San Francisco covering what Apple has in store.

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