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Apple unveiled a thinner, lighter version of its popular tablet computer, calling it the iPad Air.

The new base-model iPad Air will start at $499, and starts shipping Nov. 1 in Canada and select countries.

The Cupertino, California computer firm also updated its iPad Mini with a new Retina display, the 7.9-inch tablet will go on sale for $399.

Find the major announcements and our archived live blog below.

1. iPad Air

The latest iPad announcement didn't come with many curveballs: it's thinner, lighter and more powerful. Dubbed the iPad Air, it's a full-sized tablet weighing one pound. Its processor is 72 times faster than the original iPad. The product ships Nov. 1 to many countries, including Canada, starting at $500.

In pictures: Inside Apple's product launch event
Watch a video preview of the iPad Air

2. iPad Mini

An updated iPad Mini came with a few small upgrades. It's now available with Retina display and a boost in speed and graphics. It will be released in November starting at $399. The old iPad Mini, without Retina display, will stay in Apple's product line starting at $299.

3. Updates to iWork apps

Keeping in line with most of Apple's recent announcements, the company introduced incremental changes to its iWork apps: iPhoto, Numbers and Pages. An updated Garageband includes a few robot drummers who auto-drum to your music track. The most important update is that these iWork apps are now free, and available today if you own a Mac and OSX.

4. New Mavericks operating system

Apple's new operating system, dubbed Mavericks, will be available today for free. In keeping with every other upgrade Apple has announced recently, Mavericks OS X will mostly be focused on core stuff like memory management and battery life.

5. MacBook Pro

Thinner, lighter, with a better processor. Apple’s main update to its flagship laptop is greatly increased battery life, along with a price cut of $200. This aligns with Apple's recent trend of making its products less expensive.
Robert Galbraith/Reuters

6. Mac Pro

It might look like Darth Vader designed a garbage can, but the latest Mac Pro desktop computer brings the fastest processor and memory ever seen from Apple. Also, you can get it in a 12-core, which at least sounds impressive. The machine can handle up to three 4K displays. It will launch at the end of this year with a base price of $2,999.