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So you picked up a PlayStation Move motion controller for PlayStation 3. Now what? Game store shelves haven't exactly been sagging with top quality software designed for Sony's high-tech wand.

However, the Move library received a bit of a boost in October and November, thanks to several new releases spawned by Sony's own studios. Premier among them is Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, an on-rails action adventure game for kids.

The story focuses on its titular character, a boy prince who is turned into a skeleton and forced to fight an evil army of bones to save himself, his kingdom, and his people. It's a mostly disposable tale, but our hero is voiced by a genuine child actor whose high-pitched yells and grunts inject a bit of anxious authenticity into the experience.

The action, meanwhile, is technically proficient. Movement-based mechanics provide players satisfying one-to-one control over their swords and shields, and drawing and shooting arrows is simple and intuitive. Tossing throwing stars is the most rewarding activity of all, with players able to adjust trajectory and curve by altering wand position and flicking speed. Fighting is occasionally interrupted by quick, one-off events that see players firing arrows at targets in a set time limit or shooting a grappling hook to reach far-off platforms.

But while these individual activities can be fun on their own, they've been strung together in dull and repetitive missions. Waves of attacking skeletons seem to never end, and there's little variety to our attacks beyond that described above. Consequently, most levels feel like endurance tests – especially since players are frequently told to swing harder to deliver more damage to their enemies.

This lack of depth and diversity makes Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest a one-trick pony even young players will likely tire of well before the closing credits. Your Move dollars can be better spent elsewhere. Check out our slideshow of recently released Move games for some ideas.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Media Molecule

Publisher: SCEA

ESRB: Everyone 10+

Score: 6/10

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