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The "clickers" are lethal, fully infected fungus monsters, while the "runners" are still trouble but less terrifying

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Fungally infected “runners” are just one of the enemies you’ll face in The Last of Us, but they aren‘t even the most dangerous

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The fungal infection takes control of human bodies in stages. Stage one victims,Runners, are not in control of their actions. The last vestiges of the people they once were can only be sensed in their cries of pain and anguish as the fungus makes them chase after new hosts for spores.

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Stage three infected are referred to as Clickers because the creatures, barely recognizable as former humans, navigate by echolocation.

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Runners may be fast, but at least you can punch your way out of their clutches. If a Clicker touches you, you’re infected. Game over.

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Time and again we are overwhelmed by the Clickers and Runners, unable to find a way through to safety.

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There was a downpour as we picked our way through the streets of what was once the downtown core. Soon after the fungus began to spread, the military bombed this area in an attempt to eradicate the infected

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3. The Last of Us Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Naughty Dog For: PlayStation 3

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