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Joy to the sticks: 9 gifts for hard-core gamers

Whether your platform of choice is the PC, a console, the iPad or the DS we've got gear your favourite nerds will approve of

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Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel, Pedals, Shifter Set Forza Motorsport 4 is fun, but it doesn’t feel like a true racing simulator until you play with a setup like this one from German gameware maker Fanatec. The wheel can be bolted to a table, the stick shifts like a dream, and you can stomp on the durable metal pedals without any fear of breakage. It’s an outlandish gift for hardcore Forza fans. ($509.97;

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Ion iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad Decadent, ridiculous, and yet undeniably awesome, this wooden iPad case/stand turns Apple’s tablet into an old-school arcade machine, complete with an authentic joystick and eight arcade buttons. The only thing that would make it better is if you could plug quarters into its faux 25-cent slot to purchase apps like Asteroids and Centipede. ($99.99;

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Joystick-It Touch screen interfaces are fun and all, but some games demand a bit of tactile feedback. Hence, the Joystick-It, a classic joystick that works with any touch screen game with a virtual control pad. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and is available in sizes suitable for both phones and tablets. ($17.99-$29.99;

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Razer Hydra PC Gaming Motion Sensing Controller Made for PC gamers who feel left out of the motion control wave, the Hydra uses magnets to detect movement by the millimetre for maximum accuracy. It’s compatible with 125 games out of the box and comes bundled with a copy of Portal 2 that includes six bonus levels specifically designed for motion control. ($139.99;

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Logitech Laser Mouse G9X: Made for Call of Duty With on-the-fly sensitivity alteration, removable weights, swappable cases (one smooth, one grippy), and the ability to switch between fluid and ratchet scrolling, Logitech’s latest gaming mouse offers enough customization options to suit just about any kind of PC gamer. The Call of Duty branding is optional. ($99.99;

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Pelican Dual Controller Triggers for PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Controllers These inexpensive plastic nubs snap onto Sony’s controllers in seconds to transform those nasty L2 buttons from slippery slopes into gently curved hollows that perfectly fit the top digits of your trigger fingers. There’s no better stocking stuffer the PlayStation 3 warrior in your clan. ($9.99;

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Sennheiser 350 G4ME headset PC gamers wear headsets for hours at a time, which can make for sore, red ears. The massive muffs on these pro-quality cans completely encase the ear, removing cartilage cramps from marathon sessions while sealing out the sounds of the outside world. Sennheiser’s legendary audio quality is the sugar on top. ($219.99;

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CM4 Catalyst Slim Cover for Nintendo 3DS Nintendo’s new handheld game machine is the Japanese company’s priciest yet. Best make sure it doesn’t get damaged by using a durable and stylish case like the Catalyst Slim Cover. Its sturdy aluminum frame snaps on tight, adds little in the way of weight or girth, and is covered by rugged but pleasant-to-touch fabric. ($24.99;

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Minecraft Sheet Magnets Until technologists provide us with a means to manipulate real-world materials in a manner as simple and satisfying as in Minecraft, fans of the hit indie mining game can make do with this set of 160 magnets. Dig down through the sand, gravel, and clay to get to the gold and diamond ore at the bottom of your fridge. ($19.99;

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