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Fossilized dinosaur eggs.NICK UT

A team of international scientists says a newly rediscovered dinosaur species once roamed the plains of southern Alberta.

Officials at California's Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology say the skeleton of the Spinops Sternbergorum was discovered southeast of Calgary in 1916 by a father and son science team.

Charles and Levi Sternberg sent the two partial skulls to London's Natural History Museum, where they were promptly labelled "rubbish" and forgotten.

Decades later, a team of British and American scientists re-examined the bones and determined they belonged to a species unknown until now.

They say the Spinops Sternbergorum was a cousin to the triceratops and lived 76 million years ago.

The two-ton plant-eater features a distinctive horn projecting from the top of the nose and a boney neck frill with two spikes protruding backward and two hooks curving forward.

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