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Gmail, by Google

Google has unveiled a new Gmail interface for users who struggle to cope with overwhelming torrents of messages.

The new design, which Google says is being rolled out to users over the next few weeks, automatically sorts e-mails into a handful of separate tabs along the top of the inbox:

– Primary where you should find messages from friends and family

– Social for e-mails from social networks, media-sharing sites and online dating services

– Promotions for regular mail-outs from retailers, daily-deal sites and other businesses

– Updates storage for notifications and confirmations involving receipts, bills, and financial statements

– Forums for e-mails from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists

Users can decide to remove one or more of the tabs and can control where e-mails from certain senders get routed.

The new interface, which is optional and can be turned off entirely, will also be available on the mobile Gmail apps for Android devices, the iPhone and iPad.

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