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In Pictures: A look inside Sport Chek's high-tech new outlet

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The visual stimulation at Sport Chek’s new store in midtown Toronto begins even before customers enter the store. The brightly lit displays are visible from across the street, even in direct sunlight.

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Near the entrance, a 3.5-metre-high digital wall lets customers check out the features of two Nike shoe styles by lifting the actual shoes, which are connected by cable to a gaming controller. Turn the shoe, and its image on the screen also turns and displays a description of the shoe’s features. Choose the “create art” option and you can use the motion of the shoe to express your inner Picasso, with each movement producing digital art on the screens, accompanied by music.

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The new Sport Chek in midtown Toronto features 140 screens for various uses. Traditional signage built into the top of clothing racks now includes tablets in custom fixtures showing video and still image content specific to the associated products.

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Another digital wall displays rows of adidas shoes. Touch on any shoe image and you’ll get product information, available sizes and colours.

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The Samsung screens with touch technology and near-field-communication (NFC) allow for personalized content and greater customer interaction with merchandise. Screens include new digital tiles both on the wall and custom-built into tables.

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The technology within the Sport Chek outlet allows shoppers to customizes their purchases, including sports jerseys.

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Even the escalator is interactive. Nineteen screens are installed in the wall beside the escalator with a custom-built Xbox Kinect appl that follows and matches the customer’s ascent, activating a variety of themes on the screen including sports scenes, promotions and a simulated chairlift ride.

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Oakley has installed a custom sunglasses design kiosk in the Sport Chek outlet. Customers can choose a wide variety of lens, frame, colour and logo options to design a pair of shades, which are then built in-store by staff in minutes.

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