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Reports that the hottest new thing might run too hot spurred Bloomberg News to dismantle the tablet. Here's what its closely guarded innards revealed

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When a heavy-duty suction cup and utility knives can’t beat Apple’s industrial-strength adhesives, the wrecking crew resorts to a heat gun. “The secrets of the iPad are well-hidden by Apple,” Mr. Johnson says in a voiceover.

The Globe and Mail

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The core of the tablet is its powerful A5 chip, manufactured by Samsung. The two companies are locked in a global patent battle over the technology used in their smartphones. A device taken apart in Australia had a similar chip made by Qualcomm.

The Globe and Mail

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Apple uses multiple suppliers for the device’s motherboard chips, touchscreen and NAND flash memory chip. These include Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, TPK, Wintex adn Chi Mei. Competition between suppliers keeps costs low for the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant.

The Globe and Mail

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The iPad’s black lithium-ion batteries are enclosed by aluminum, to help conduct and diffuse the heat generated by its powerful innards.

The Globe and Mail

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