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One of the best things about the newest handsets is the ability to search for information online. But not all information is easy to find.

Enter All in One, your new one stop shop for searches.

While there are many apps in the Android Market that will enable you to search within a specific service, few combine numerous search types as well as All in One.

News, images, blogs, videos, Twitter, Wikipedia, books, patents and even the Android Market are all search options.

From the home screen, All in One keeps you up to date on the topics that matter to you with personalized widgets. Displaying a specific search like "Android" and filtering the search type by "books" will post the latest Android books on your home screen.

The interface is similar to a mobile RSS reader, with search results in typical list format with a short content preview. The preview lets you can save to the item to your favourites, or access related content.

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Using the top news feature, you can also browse the latest news and customize your app with whatever interests you most, from science to sports. Past searches are saved for convenience, and you can conduct country- or language-specific searches as well.

If you choose to view an article, you can add it as a favorite, or share it with a friend. One of the drawbacks with the sharing function is the inability to shorten URLs, which is frustrating when it comes to character limits on Twitter.

The best thing about All in One is how much time it will save you. If you're hunting for an app, for example, you can find images, see Tweets, and read blog posts all pertaining to that app and then find it in the Android market, all from one menu.

Head to Head: iPad food fight

iPad cookbooks can serve as the perfect kitchen sidekick.

SousChef gives you searchable access to over 150,000 recipes, allowing you to build a personalized, good-looking digital cookbook. The app comes pre-loaded with about 60 recipes.

($9.99) Recipe app for iPad. Click here to launch the iTunes page.

Search "chocolate," and you'll receive results ranging from ice cream to chocolate-hazelnut biscotti. You can also search several ingredients at once, which prompts the app to list recipes with all or some of your ingredients. Once you've chosen, they'll be added to the app and will be available for offline use.

The user interface is simple and smart, organizing your digital recipe cards alphabetically.

Selecting a potential meal displays the ingredients on easy-to-read buttons. Preparation instructions are highlighted and enlarged as you select each step.

For the connected cook, the app supports sharing recipes via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The main downside is that the app fails to assist you in creating a grocery list, one of its competitor's best features.

BigOven Pro sparks the imagination with a visually-inspiring catalogue of over 170,000 recipes. The search function is great. Along with simple title and keyword searches, you can search by ingredients, ask for a recommendation, or find a local recipe.

($9.99) Recipe app for iPad. Click here to launch the iTunes page.

When you find something that looks good, you can add it to a favorites menu, remember to "try it soon," or submit a review.

The only sharing option is by email, and the app could be improved by including a few social networking choices.

What makes this app stand out is the ability to add recipe items to a grocery list which you can sync with the iPhone, Android, and web. With one tap, you will be able to email a list, grouped by meal and organized by grocery aisle.

Another of BigOven's benefits is the ability to make your family recipes digital. After submitting your recipes at the site, you'll be able to search for and save, and share your lifelong favorites.

The Bottom Line:

The BigOven Pro takes the cake because of the easy grocery lists and the option to add family recipes.