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CryptoMill Technologies Ltd., a Toronto-based startup specializing in ways to secure corporate data on mobile devices, has won endorsement from one of the world's largest makers of computer disk drives.

Seagate Technology will use CryptoMill's technology in its new notebook hard drive that automatically encrypts data as soon as it is stored on the computer, making the information unreadable to thieves.

Seagate, of Scotts Valley, Calif., began selling its encryption drive in March. Adding CryptoMill's technology to the package gives customers a way of managing the security feature.

CryptoMill's Seahawk software provides encryption key management, insuring that protected data storage can only be decrypted and used by authorized computers.

A string of recent security breaches concerning consumer data at North American banks, hospitals and retailers has forced organizations to rethink how they secure their computer networks. But some of the most high profile thefts of information have occurred when portable notebook computers have fallenl into the wrong hands.

CryptoMill says its technology solves the problem of this weak link by making the encrypted data unreadable for anyone without the proper decryption key.

Combing CryptoMill and Seagate's technology will give customers a level of privacy and trust for their mobile devices that is "revolutionary," said Nandini Jolly, chief executive officer of CryptoMill.

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