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Using backup systems and a slave drive Add to ...

QUESTION: I currently save data on a slave (NFS) drive on my Windows XP Home machine, but I have performed a system restore (Format) on my system for an experiment to see if the info stored on the slave will remain. Upon restore, my systrem doesn't recognize the slave, only my main drive. For the system to have the slave available, I have to format the slave via Partion Magic, but of course, all the info is removed. Is there a way where if a restore is performed that my slave remains intact and is recognized as the Main C: Drive without

having to do a format on the slave?

Kevin Brown

ANSWER: I can't know for sure without seeing the computer and how it's configured, but it sounds to me like you don't actually have two drives in the computer, but instead have one drive that has two partitions.

If the restore CD only formatted the C: partition you wouldn't have lost your virtual "slave" drive, but the drive would disappear if the restore CD also repartitioned the drive as part of the restore/reinstallation process. This would also explain why you needed Partition Magic to recreate the drive.

If the slave drive had been a separate hard drive it would have been recognized (unless you set the CMOS to ignore it, but a restore CD on its own can't do that), and even if there was a problem you wouldn't have needed Partition Magic to get it back.

Unfortunately, if the restore CD doesn't offer an option to recover without repartitioning the hard drive (some do, some don't), you will have to find another solution to simplify the recovery process. (I would recommend a drive image created with Norton Ghost, or a Magic Card available from Nerds On-Site).

Nerds On Site Support Team and Globetechnology.com

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