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What kind of smartphone users
are Globe and Mail readers?

In a recent survey, we asked readers to tell us about their smartphone use and more than 5,000 people responded. Their answers paint an interesting picture of smartphone use in Canada.

readers responded

What was your first smartphone?

For most respondents, their first smartphone was a BlackBerry and more than half of respondents said they had never switched brands.

When did you switch?

Almost no respondents switched smartphones before 2003. Since then, the trend has grown to 14% in 2011 and shows no signs of slowing.

What did you switch to?

Of the 35 per cent of respondents who had switched smartphones, BlackBerry users were the most likely to do so: 15 per cent switched to iPhone and 9 per cent switched to Android.

Younger users switched it up

Younger respondents were more likely to say they have switched smartphones.

Why did you switch?

Why do people switch smartphones? Most people said they did so because they were not satisfied with their phone (20 per cent) or it was old (14 per cent).

Why did you choose a new model?

With all the options on the market, how do people choose a smartphone? The gadget’s features and brand top the list. Good reviews and price also play a big part.

Graphics by Tonia Cowan. Interactive by Stuart A. Thompson