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Research in Motion Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins speaks at the BlackBerry World event in Orlando, Florida in this May 1, 2012 (David Manning/Reuters)
Research in Motion Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins speaks at the BlackBerry World event in Orlando, Florida in this May 1, 2012 (David Manning/Reuters)

Your RIM questions answered: CEO Thorsten Heins responds Add to ...

8) I was a very happy user of a BlackBerry Bold when it was first released. I had this device for almost two years after which time I switched to an iPhone because of simple little bugs in the BlackBerry Bold software, such as the inability to click on the button of a web page, the need to remove and replace the battery because the phone locked up, the unreliable Wi-Fi and a bunch of other little annoyances. These little details actually matter to the end user. Will RIM under the new direction of Mr. Heins focus on just getting products out in the market, one after the other while ignoring the little details that can be annoying to customers, or will they actually make an effort to deal with the quality of their products up front and also correct problems after a product is released as they are identified?
– Marc, 45, engineer in Calgary

Thorsten Heins: This is one of my pet peeves, and I’m sorry your device did not meet your expectations. Based on your description, it does not meet mine either. I believe it’s the little things that distinguish excellent products from merely good ones. It is one of the reasons I wanted to give our development teams some extra time on BlackBerry 10. It’s also why I have been trimming our product lines to ensure that we have only the best devices and the most intuitive software out there with our name on it.

We do have strong support resources available if you have issues with your BlackBerry. We want to know about bugs and address any problems immediately. Here are the links to our support services:

Inside BlackBerry Help Blog: http://helpblog.blackberry.com/

BlackBerry support forums: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/General-Support-Forums/ct-p/GeneralSupportForums

Twitter: @BlackBerryHelp

9) With constant delays on RIM products (PlayBook, OS7, OS7.1), what confidence can you give us that RIM will actually now (after yet another delay) deliver BlackBerry 10 devices on time in the first quarter of 2013?
– Joe, 51, small-business owner in Alabama

Thorsten Heins: I am absolutely committed to this timeline, Joe. I made the decision to give our teams more time on BlackBerry 10 because I believe we must deliver an experience that is nothing short of exceptional to our users. The successful launch of BlackBerry 10 and the delivery of high-quality BlackBerry 10 devices remains the company’s top priority.

10) Why not put out new handsets with the old BlackBerry 7 and allow them to be upgraded with the new operating system when it comes out? That way people will be able to stick with RIM in the fall and get the new version when it comes out. Otherwise, I don’t see people in Canada buying Blackberrys until the new OS comes out.
– Tim, 50 +, computer system consultant in Toronto

Thorsten Heins: BlackBerry 10 is more than just a new operating system. It’s an entirely new platform. The software and the hardware are designed together and the operating system will interact with the hardware in ways that are very different from BlackBerry 7. This is part of what gives BlackBerry 10 its power. In the meantime, we are continuing to sell, support and update BlackBerry 7, which is a versatile and powerful operating system in its own right – with one of the fastest mobile browsers, voice-enabled search, and BlackBerry Messenger 6.

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