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Federal Liberal leadership

Justin Trudeau, left to right, Martin Cauchon and Martha Hall Findlay take part in the Liberal party leadership debate in Montreal on Saturday, March 23, 2013.
The Liberal Party of Canada is led by Justin Trudeau, who won the leadership on April 14, 2013. Before that, the party was led by interim leader Bob Rae, who had been at the helm since Michael Ignatieff stepped down following the 2011 federal election. Six candidates were in the running: former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon, Toronto lawyer Deborah Coyne, former MP Martha Hall Findlay, former military officer Karen McCrimmon, B.C. MP Joyce Murray and Quebec MP Justin Trudeau. Three other candidates, including Quebec MP Marc Garneau, withdrew before the vote. Following a week of voting, the winner was announced April 14, 2013.