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Pandemic evictions only further devastate the people most vulnerable to COVID-19
Estair Van Wagner, Fay Faraday and Amar Bhatia
Ontario Landlord Tenant Board in chaos after five-month shutdown
Toronto legal clinic asks city’s top doctor to suspend residential evictions during COVID-19 pandemic
the listing
Tenant advocates say new measures tangling eviction appeals
british columbia
Rent hike increase in B.C. is frozen, but province says landlords can evict
british columbia
B.C. rent help continues but border screenings, ban on some evictions to end
report on business
Ontario evictions ban will be retroactive to May
report on business
Ontario to ban commercial evictions for some small businesses
british columbia
B.C. bans commercial evictions for landlords who won’t participate in Ottawa’s rent-relief program when their tenant qualifies
british columbia
Advocates in B.C., Alberta urge provinces to protect tenants against evictions during coronavirus outbreak
data gap
Eviction factories: How Ontario’s tenants get trapped in a never-ending cycle with landlords
Evicted: The loophole Ontario landlords use to force tenants out