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Google has acquired U.K. startup DeepMind Technologies for £400-million ($735-million).
Google has acquired U.K. startup DeepMind Technologies for £400-million ($735-million).
(Torsten Silz/The Associated Press)

In Google vs. Apple, my money’s on Google

A while back, I mentioned in a column that I liked the prospects for Google shares. The main topic of the article was the problems at BlackBerry and how other tech companies have suffered similar crises in the past – and in some cases did not survive.

I suggested that Google was unlikely to experience a similar fate because of its innovative business approach, which has taken it far beyond its origins as a search engine. At the time I mentioned that Google is exploring a wide range of technological frontiers from driverless cars to robots to high-tech glasses. Some those projects will inevitably be written off. But the successful ones will translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue, as happened with the Android operating system.