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More than 500 civilians have been killed in this last rebel bastion in northwestern Syria in a little over two months.

That’s according to rescue workers and the Syrian Network for Human Rights, a monitoring group that briefs the United Nations.

It says more than 2,000 people have also been left injured in the Russian-backed assault on parts of Idlib and Hama.

Dozens of villages and towns are in ruins.

On the ground and in the air, Russia’s campaign in conjunction with the Syrian army has been relentless.

They stand accused of deliberately targeting civilians, many of whom owe their survival to these White Helmet rescuers.

Among the more chilling details of this latest report is the record number of hospitals and medical facilities hit, which the groups claim were deliberate acts.

Since the end of April, 30 of them have been bombed.

Russia and the Syrian government have always denied targeting civilians, and have accused the White Helmets of aiding militant groups.

The heads of 11 major global humanitarian organizations warned last month that Idlib stood on the brink of disaster, with three million lives at risk, including one million children.

At least 300,000 people have been forced from their homes.

Many of them have gathered in camps like this one on Syria’s border with Turkey.

There’s little food and water here - or any hope of a future - at home, or anywhere else.

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