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Heavy rainfall causes flooding and destruction in the city of Zhengzhou, in China's Henan province on July 21, 2021.

An aerial view captured by a drone shows a flooded road section following heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China July 21, 2021. (China Daily via REUTERS)CHINA DAILY/Reuters

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A man carrying a woman wades through a flooded road following the heavy rainfall that caused widespread flooding in Zhengzhou. (China Daily via REUTERS)CHINA DAILY/Reuters

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Cars settled in a pile after being swept away by rain-induced flooding in Zhengzhou, China. (Photo by STR / AFP)STR/AFP/Getty Images

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Safety workers set up warning signs with the words "Danger!" at a waterlogged area in Wuzhi County in China's Henan Province. As of yet at least a dozen people have died in severe flooding trapped people in subways and schools, washed away vehicles and stranded people in their workplaces overnight. (Feng Xiaomin/Xinhua via AP)Feng Xiaomin/The Associated Press

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People pushing a van through flood waters along a street on Tuesday after massive flooding struck Zhengzhou, in China's central Henan province. (Photo by STR / AFP)STR/AFP/Getty Images

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A drone captures the scale of the flooding following heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China on July 21, 2021. (cnsphoto via REUTERS)STRINGER/Reuters

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Residents move their belongings across a flooded street in Zhengzhou. At least 25 people have died in Henan province since the flooding began. (Zhu Xiang/Xinhua via AP)Zhu Xiang/The Associated Press

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Firefighters pump rainwater from a road underpass in Zhengzhou. China's military has blasted a dam to release floodwaters threatening Henan, one of its most heavily populated provinces. (Ma Xiaoran/Xinhua via AP)Ma Xiaoran/The Associated Press

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Residents clean up the aftermath of a flood in Mihe Town of Gongyi City, in China's Henan province. The death toll due to widespread flooding has risen to beyond two dozen on Wednesday. (Han Chaoyang/Xinhua via AP)Han Chaoyang/The Associated Press

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