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Colin Freeze

National security reporter

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Omar Khadr rumoured to be getting married

Omar Khadr, 30, spent a decade in U.S. custody after being captured in Afghanistan as a 15-year-old fighter. Four years ago, he was released to Canada to complete his U.S. sentence and is now reportedly betrothed to one of the activists who lobbied for his release

Apr 19, 2016

Canada’s spymaster Richard Fadden leaves the world of espionage

As national security adviser to the PM, Richard Fadden lived and breathed intelligence, gaining a sharp appreciation for its importance in the age of terrorism. On his retirement, he reflects on a colourful, four-decade civil service career – and the prospect of letting go

Apr 08, 2016

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Focusing on Canadian matters during the past decade, Colin Freeze has reported extensively on the interplay between government, police, spy services, and the judiciary. Colin has twice been to Afghanistan to be embedded with the Canadian military.

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