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Recap: Q&A on our investigation into Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women

This Q&A has now ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. Below are some of the highlights. See a full recap here.

A few of the questions answered by data journalist Matthew McClearn:

Is the data similar in the U.S. or is this particularly a Canadian issue?

We haven't studied data from the U.S. in any great detail. However, from our conversations with serial predation experts in that country, we know that disadvantaged social groups in that country tend to be overrepresented among the victims of U.S. serial killers. Notably, we've heard that African American women are seriously overrepresented. Academics I spoke with told me that the overrepresentation of marginalized populations among the victims of serial predators was one of the few uncontroversial conclusions from existing research. Serial predation researchers argue about a lot, but they don't argue about that.

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Public Editor: The Globe’s baby boomer series sparks intergenerational debate


On Saturday, the centrepiece on the front page of The Globe and Mail pointed to an excellent series called “The Boomer Shift” in Report on Business.

The articles weren’t just for baby boomers but for society at large. The stories were about how this dramatic shift in demographics will reshape our economy and whether governments and Canadians are really ready for the expected economic downturn. The series continues this week.

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Globe wins five international EPPY Awards for digital journalism

Rachel Collier

The Globe and Mail has won five international EPPY Awards for excellence in digital journalism – more than any other news organization in the world.

The Globe was short-listed for a record-breaking 15 EPPY Awards this year, almost doubling its previous highest of eight.

It won Best Daily Newspaper Website with more than one million unique monthly visitors, as well as Best Business Blog for Inside the Market, which is home to market-moving news and investment ideas, written by in-house market strategists Scott Barlow and Jennifer Dowty and other members of our award-winning Report on Business newsroom.

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Public Editor: A mountain of election coverage that covered all the bases

Sylvia Stead

Next week Justin Trudeau will be sworn in as Canada’s 23rd prime minister, but the dust has yet to settle on the lengthy – and fascinating – campaign that brought him to power.

[Read The Globe’s digital timeline of the election campaign.]

The 78 days of electioneering spanned three long weekends, and generated a veritable mountain of coverage. This newspaper alone published no fewer than 231 news and analysis articles, 134 photos and 122 columns, with even more material appearing online.

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How to apply for The Globe and Mail's 2016 summer program

Melissa Whetstone

Applications are now closed. Given the high number of applicants, we will contact only those selected for an interview.

The Globe and Mail is looking to hire reporters, editors, photo/digital/video/multimedia specialists and designers for the summer of 2016. These are fully paid jobs and not internships. We are seeking freelance writers and editors, experienced journalists from other organizations, recent graduates or students in their graduating year.

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Public Editor: Keeping up with the Trudeaus – names and titles


Here’s a little style and spelling test. Two of these recent references are correct and one is wrong. Can you guess which?

1. Hadrien Trudeau

2. Prime-minister-designate Justin Trudeau

3. The Trudeaus are Canada’s “first family.”


1. Justin Trudeau’s youngest child with wife Sophie Grégoire is Hadrien, with an “e,” not an “a.” On Saturday, Oct. 3, a photo caption used the incorrect “a” spelling, but the feature by Ian Brown on Mr. Trudeau properly used the “e.”

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Creating informed voters through WhatsApp: A Canadian election experiment

During this year’s Canadian election campaign, we experimented with a new way of keeping readers informed: sending messages through chat app WhatsApp. The idea was simple: What’s the one thing you need to know today to help you make an informed vote on Oct. 19?

It was a great experiment, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. But it wasn’t without its challenges. And it’s not something we’d likely do again unless WhatsApp evolves.

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Public Editor: There was a good reason to hold publication of the Ontario teachers’ payment

Sylvia Stead

On Wednesday morning, The Globe flared (top of the front page) an exclusive story by Adrian Morrow with the headline “Ontario paid $1-million to teachers’ union.”

That was followed the next day by a second story: “Multiple payouts given to teacher unions” which added another $1.5-million in payouts to teachers unions to cover their bargaining costs. Followed by one more: “Ontario never sought receipts before paying teacher unions.”

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Public Editor: Election night pressure can lead to small mistakes

Sylvia Stead

A great word to describe election nights for journalists is hairy.

Nothing much happens until the results come flooding in, most of them at exactly the same time.

As a reporter or editor, you have your background sentences and paragraphs ready and then you have to pounce as soon as there is clarity about who won and who lost.

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Public Editor: Reporting on federal leaders is a tricky balancing act


More than 10,000 words and 13 black and white photos. Last Saturday’s profile of Justin Trudeau has attracted criticism from some Globe readers who felt it was too much real estate and too positive for the man described in the front page headline as “The Contender.”

So was it fair to do so much on one candidate in a tight three-way race? And was it fair to run such a major piece so close to voting day?

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Baby boomers: Are you ready for retirement?

Are you a baby boomer thinking about retirement, in the process of retiring or newly retired? What are your biggest concerns about retirement? Do you worry about whether you’re financially and emotionally ready? Take our survey and you may be part of our upcoming boomer series.  

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We've hit 1 million Twitter followers on @globeandmail. Let's celebrate!

In honour of hitting 1 million Twitter followers on @globeandmail, here is a look at some of our memorable tweets, from our very first one to gunfire in Parliament. Thanks to all of our followers for helping us reach this milestone.

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Get election updates sent right to you with The Globe and WhatsApp

Melissa Whetstone

This experiment has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated. Read about how it went here.

This federal election campaign, we have a new way to help you stay informed. Using the messenging app WhatsApp, we’ll send the stories, photos and videos you need to make an informed vote on Oct. 19.  These messages may include the top news story of the day, notes from our reporters on the campaign trail, the latest poll numbers or links to interviews with the party candidates. We will not send more than one or two messages a day throughout the campaign, with the potential for a few more the week of the election.

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Public editor: New press council gives media accountability a boost


It’s taken two years of planning, but this month the National Newsmedia Council is up and running.

It is replacing a number of provincial press councils across the country, including the Ontario Press Council. Some of the provincial groups were struggling and losing member organizations. But the National Newsmedia Council has much broader support from many large newspaper organizations, including The Globe and Mail, Postmedia, the Sun properties, The Toronto Star, Metroland and a number of other organizations.

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Public Editor: It took resourcefulness to cover ‘Ping-Pong diplomacy’



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Public editor: Who complains about campaign coverage – and why

Sylvia Stead

If my inbox is any measure, Canadians are certainly feeling passionate about the federal election. Some say they believe The Globe and Mail’s coverage has been slanted.

Here are two examples:

Why, they ask, was The Globe focusing on the trial of Senator Mike Duffy during the campaign, and giving the opposition leaders so much space to attack Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, when the case itself is not an election issue.

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Vote in our surveys and add your views to our leaders' debate on Sept. 17

We are hosting a federal leaders' debate on Sept. 17 in Calgary, where Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will debate their economic policies. Add your views by voting in the surveys below or by tweeting with #GlobeDebate. You can also tweet #AskTheGlobe with anything you'd like our reporters to fact check during the debate or election campaign.

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Public Editor: Why The Globe published photos of a drowned Syrian boy


“I am simply appalled at the front cover of The Globe and Mail,” said Geneviève on Twitter. “Who publishes pictures of dead bodies nowadays? A child, at that?”

“This is how your newspaper will sit at our store today,” said Town on Twitter, showing the newspaper on the stands with the photo turned inward.

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Q&A with Stephanie Nolen, Latin America Bureau Chief

Stephanie Nolen

This Reddit Ask Me Anything has ended. See what you missed here.

I cover Latin America for The Globe, from a base in Rio de Janeiro, a city that's all the things you've read about (or seen in the cartoon.) It's not all cocktails and bikinis - I write about Brazil's challenges with social inequality and violence. I spent much of the past year working on a project on race and identity in Brazil.

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Globe and Mail app updated to improve navigation and load times

Matt Frehner

Today’s update to The Globe and Mail’s app for iPad and iPhone includes some major improvements based on feedback from readers over the last few months.

You can download the update now.

Our focus for this update has been on performance and navigation — two key themes that emerged from your comments, e-mails and reviews.

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