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(Jonathan Alcorn)
(Jonathan Alcorn)


Ask Gary Shilling how to brace your portfolio for a tumultuous 2013 Add to ...

(Update: Submissions for questions are now closed)

Gary Shilling, one of the world's best known economists and money managers, is starting to look like the last bear standing. The founder and president of A. Gary Shilling & Co. continues to warn of a coming global recession and stock market plunge, due to a "grand disconnect" between healthy security markets and a subdued economic reality. Those stark warnings remain intact, even as many of his historically bearish peers, such as David Rosenberg and John Hussman, have more bullish outlooks.

Mr. Shilling thinks long-term Treasury bonds will provide strong returns. But beyond that, what should investors do and what should they expect?

If you have a question about Mr. Shilling's predictions for the market or where investors should put their money now, fill out the form below. We'll select the best questions to pose to Mr. Shilling and publish the Q&A on our weekly live discussion day, Tuesday, Jan. 22.

We look forward to some spirited discussion!


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