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(Shapiso/© Lee Phek Thong, all rights reserved)
(Shapiso/© Lee Phek Thong, all rights reserved)

Inside the Market

The week's best web reads: Morningstar's 5 favourite new ETFs Add to ...

Inside the Market's weekend roundup of some of last week's best investing reads on the Internet, which are highlighted every morning in our premarket report.


Morningstar's five favourite U.S.-listed ETFs that have been launched in the past six months. Some new funds may help protect against the long-term effects of quantitative easing. Others offer access to low-cost baskets of emerging-markets stocks and high-dividend-paying companies.

How the popular, high income-producing BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF has performed relative to a normal bank ETF.

Australia's equity market has significantly outperformed Canada's over the last two years, based on the returns of ETFs that track them. It may be time to go long Canada, and short Australia, in anticipation that this spread will revert to the mean.

Bill Gross's PIMCO Total Return ETF has performed smashingly well as it has grown to become the largest actively managed ETF. But don't expect that type of outperformance to continue.

Market signals and strategies

This is no "irrational exuberance" for stocks, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan told CNBC, who said "by historical calculation, we are significantly undervalued.”

The winning streak in the Dow Jones industrial average has dramatically bolstered bullish sentiment among individual investors.

Value stocks have made a comeback.

Finally, junior gold miners are starting to outperform the majors.

The energy boom in the U.S. dollar is reshaping what moves the greenback - and it has big implications for several asset classes.

The BRIC nations increasingly look like they will no longer be the building blocks of international investing.

The copper market is raising doubts about the economic recovery.

No downturn in Warren Buffett’s favorite economic indicator. Rail traffic has now reached its highest 12 week moving average since 2011.

Howard Marks, a Wall Street guru followed closely by Warren Buffett and who has made a killing on distressed debt, thinks the bond bubble is only in the "fifth inning."

How the top five asset allocators have placed their bets for 2013.

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