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Your Business columnist Mia Pearson.
Your Business columnist Mia Pearson.

Mia Pearson

Social and Earned Media Columnist

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In defense of the social media manager

These days, it doesn’t take long before the social media hate machine ramps up from offended to calling for someone’s head in the wake of a controversial posting. Because of this, brands may be tempted to act quickly and​​​ immediately rectify the situation when the heat suddenly gets turned up.

Apr 16, 2015

Is your business ready for its livestream close up?

For all the emphasis we tend to place on being first to market, history is littered with forgotten brands and failed technologies that were quick out of the gate, only to watch a competitor swoop, launch a new product and redefine the marketplace.

Apr 09, 2015

Five valuable lessons your business can learn from March Madness

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to read all the analyst reports you can handle, or if you prefer to close your eyes and use the dartboard method to make your picks, there’s one thing you can be sure of: we can learn a number of lessons about how to run a business from the March Madness tournament and the way we fill out a bracket.

Mar 19, 2015

T-Swift or Kim K. Which brand are you?

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West have two equally recognizable faces with two equally devoted fan bases, but their marketing strategies could not be more different

Feb 19, 2015

Sony needs to stop playing the victim

The hack has resulted in a series of public relations embarrassments for Sony as the hackers have posted everything from e-mails of senior executives disparaging Hollywood actors and President Obama, to production road maps, draft scripts and employee medical records

Dec 25, 2014

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A combination of entrepreneurial spirit and timing led Mia Pearson to co-found North Strategic, a communications agency built on the belief that social needs to be integrated into everything you do. A serial entrepreneur, Ms. Pearson left her position as regional president for Fleishman HIllard Canada, and co-founder and CEO of High Road Communications, to start a new company in an effort to set the standard in social PR.

Ms. Pearson is known as an innovator, a creative strategist, and a pioneer at fusing digital integration with traditional PR. Her focus on pushing the boundaries of conventional public relations and embracing new ideas and original thinking keeps her at the forefront of the industry. She works with clients to strategize and execute at the highest levels with some of the world's most exciting brands.

With nearly 20 years of integrated communications experience, Ms. Pearson has led some of the industry's best known launches and worked with clients such as Microsoft, LG, TELUS, Pepsico and Canadian Tire on some of their most complex issues and creative opportunities.

She sits on the advisory board for Marketing Magazine, the board of Trans Canada Trail, and she is a member of CATA's board of directors. Ms. Pearson is known for building high-performance teams, creating award-winning best-place-to-work environments, and turning around companies. She was recently named one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in the corporate executive category.

Ms. Pearson is a regular speaker at industry events on the importance of personal branding and she is passionate about advancing the careers of women in business. A mother of two, she is an avid snowboarder and she loves spending time at her cottage on Georgian Bay.

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