Starbucks super-sizes with new 31-oz 'Trenta'

The Globe and Mail

A cup of Starbucks coffee sits on a table in a cafe in central Hong Kong January 16, 2011. (Joel Boh/REUTERS/Joel Boh/REUTERS)

Short, tall, grande, venti.

Just when you thought you'd mastered the Starbucks lingo, the coffee company has announced it will launch yet another size, the "Trenta" - it's biggest cup yet.

The 31-ounce size - basically the equivalent of about five industry standard coffee mugs - will be made available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks in the U.S., Reuters reports. Over the next few weeks, Starbucks will roll out the new size and it will be available in all of its U.S. coffee shops by May 3.

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The Trenta-sized drinks will cost 50 cents more than similar drinks in the seven-ounce smaller venti size. Reuters adds that sweetened beverages in the new size will have fewer than 230 calories, while unsweetened Trenta drinks will contain fewer than 90 calories.

Back in 2006, NPR had reported that as a general rule, most people need only a typical six-ounce cup (the industry standard serving size) of coffee to enjoy a nice caffeine buzz. At the time, it noted that Starbucks' 16-ounce grande delivered 400 milligrams, or four times that amount, of caffeine.

But, of course, Starbucks is not alone in pushing the boundaries of "large." Chains like McDonald's and 7-11 have been super-sizing for years.

How big of a beverage can you handle?