Could a boat, horse or RV trailer just be sitting on the side of your house all winter long and suddenly, when used one weekend of the year, have a wheel come flying off? – Ron

The trucking industry places huge emphasis on wheel separation due to the sheer size of heavy-duty truck wheels and the potential for bodily harm in a runaway wheel situation.

But wheels of any size careening down the road can be hazardous. Add an out-of-control trailer, and we can easily recognize the importance of properly servicing trailer-bearing assemblies.

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Seldom used utility trailers stored at “the side of your house” are commonly seen abandoned on the shoulder of the highway, missing a wheel. Usually this is because their owners needed to move something quick and didn’t give a second thought to the last time they maintained their trailer.

These trailers require bearing, tire and lighting service/inspection at least once per year before the first use of the season.

Boat trailers are especially susceptible to bearing failure and require much more aggressive maintenance due to their frequent submergence in cold water right after a lengthy heat-generating highway drive.

The quick temperature change further exacerbates a situation that already requires additional maintenance due to their unique use. Service these trailers multiple times per year depending on submergence frequency.

Bearing buddies are commonly found add-ons to boat trailers and aid with limiting moisture entry and quick grease injection into the bearing.

Lou Trottier is owner-operator of All About Imports in Mississauga. Have a question about maintenance and repair? E-mail, placing “Lou’s Garage” in the subject line.

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