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Kameiro Rush, along with his younger sister, plays with a variety of toys and costumes on their channel, FamousTubeKIDS.

Anyone who has clicked through trending videos on YouTube in the past few years would recognize the rise of one particularly mesmerizing genre: unboxing. The videos, which feature the unpacking of consumer goods, beauty products and toys, have become popular with tech enthusiasts and kids alike. They’ve also launched a new type of superstar, including Kameiro Rush, who, alongside his younger sister Cali, plays with a variety of toys and costumes on their channel, FamousTubeKIDS. “The best thing ever was unboxing my quad,” the eight-year-old says. “I’ve always wanted one and was so surprised when I got it this year. It made my summer! I jumped on right away to test it out.”

Kameiro is starting Grade 4 this week, and he’ll be bringing his penchant for play into the science lab. “I always have so much fun during science class because you get to learn about so many different things,” he says. “Sometimes we get to do small experiments and go outside to learn about nature. I really like it when we get to do both those activities.”

Here, he shares his must-haves for starting the school year in style.

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Photograph By Joseph Saraceno

1. Crayons

“I love how many colours the set has and it makes colouring my favourite pictures and doing homework so much fun!”

Crayola Big Box (96 crayons), $7.06 at Staples.

2. Binders and notebooks

“I don’t like having boring or plain notebooks. I prefer doing my homework in colourful ones with patterns because it makes it more interesting.”

Avery “Super” binder, $7.48 at Staples.

3. Lego backpack

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“Legos are the best! I like all the different Lego heads on the bag because it’s funny.”

Lego Minifigure backpack, $39.95 at Indigo.

4. Raptors hat

“I love the Toronto Raptors and I think they are the best team in the league. I always try and wear my hat since I’m their No. 1 fan.”

Toronto Raptors ’47 NBA 2-Tone Clean Up cap, in store at Real Sports Apparel

5. Fidget spinner

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“My fidget spinner helps me concentrate so I always try and have one around.”

Fidget spinner, $10 at Indigo.