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Director Atom Egoyan

Atom Egoyan is one of the more cerebral film directors, so it's a bit surprising to learn he has long-nurtured a passion for the genius of raunch 'n' roll, Led Zeppelin. In fact, according to Amanda Seyfried, star of Chloe, Egoyan as a teen in Victoria wanted to be Jimmy Page (Zep's lead guitarist).

Seyfried learned this first hand last year when meeting Egoyan in the lobby of the Sunset Marquee. He was there to tell her she would be playing the titular lead in Chloe. Suddenly, Egoyan bolted from her, leading Seyfried to wonder if she had done or said something wrong. But no, Egoyan had simply spotted Jimmy Page, sitting near them, and set off to meet his idol. Seyfried told the story Sunday during an interview, and Egoyan confirmed it the next day.

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