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It was Easter, Muppets, and nothing says "ressurrection of Jesus Christ" like a man in a pink bunny suit performing wakeboard manoeuvres in Germany.

Philipp Guelland/AP

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Meanwhile, Hollywood honoured the sacrifice of the Lamb of God by resurrecting the Three Stooges franchise. Actors Sean Hayes (Larry), Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe) and Will Sasso (Curly) arrive in character at the Hollywood premiere of "The Three Stooges: The Movie" last week.


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Larry David ponders exactly just how profoundly audience members will have to lower their expectations in order to find any enjoyment in "The Three Stooges: The Movie" at the film's premiere in Hollywood last week.


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Sara Rue is an actress and she is on a red carpet, plus "The Three Stooges: The Movie" was the only movie opening this week, so she gets to be in Celebrity Photos of the Week this week.


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Becki Newton, too, is an actress on a red carpet.


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Meanwhile in Paris, a Frenchman ponders the semiotic meaning of a brown Easter rabbit on a bicycle and deduces that the existential dread with which he has lived since childhood has now exploded in his consciousness and the rabbit is, in fact, a hallucination advising him, like all other French hallucinations, to be less faithful to his wife.


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And meanwhile back in Germany, our pink bunny is now carpet-bombing the lake with plastic eggs. Because that's what Jesus would do.

Philipp Guelland/AP

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Sting solidifies his status as the most pretentious pop star in the world at a benefit show to raise funds for The Rainforest Trust at Carnegie Hall in New York last week.


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Our assessment of Sting sounds about right to Elton John, who also performed at the "Songs From the Silver Screen" benefit at Carnegie Hall in New York last week.


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Later, Elton John fluffed a pillow for actor Channing Tatum while performing together at the fundraiser for The Rainforest Trust in New York last week.


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Meanwhile, on Wall Street, a trader wears pink bunny ears in an effort to humanize himself in your eyes as he ponders a way to sell the debt you owe on your overpriced house back to you as an investment so that, when the day comes that you lose your house because you can't make the mortgage payments, you also lose all your savings! Go Wall Street!

Seth Wenig/AP

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"Ce lapin n'existe pas! J'ai besoin de vin."


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Don't look so down, kid at an Easter egg hunt in Pennsylvania on Saturday: You could be getting hugged by this next furry Easter celebrant.

Eric Hrin/AP

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Yeah, that's right. That just happened. In New York. On Sunday. During the Easter Bonnet Parade, if you must know.


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Yes, that WOULD be a handful, Sir Elton.


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Stupid giant German Easter bunny in Berlin on Friday looks like a squirrel in lederhosen.


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"M. Le Pew has sustenance pour le rabbit?"


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Meanwhile in Los Angeles, actress Amanda Bynes, seen here in her mugshot, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after her car struck a sheriff's vehicle on Good Friday. Come Easter Monday, her career was still dead.


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President Barack Obama pledges allegiance to the flag at the swearing-in ceremony of his new, hand-picked Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the White House on Monday. Analysts expect to see a hard turn to the left on the court, then a hard turn to right, then the left, then the right, and so on until the justice reaches the safety of his burrow.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

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A man in Paris suddenly remembers to pick up dinner on the way home.


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"A little light on celebrity photos this week?" asks/points out/mocks Elton John at The Rainforest Trust benefit at Carnegie Hall in New York last week.


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No. Why do you say that? Anyway, President Barack Obama poses with his new running mate for the presidential election. The Easter bunny was chosen from a list of options that Americans, when asked in a survey, said were more likely to end up in the White House than Mitt Romney.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

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Mandated photo of celebrity couple at Rainforest Trust benefit in New York last week and then. . .


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President Barack Obama stands beside France's Minister of Existential Dread/Braising Meats at a White House ceremony on Easter Monday in Washington, D.C.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

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