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Monday December 8 to Sunday December 14

Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer - There have been some great parodies of the Star Wars trailer, including the George Lucas edition and the Spaceballs version. But this could be the best yet. Put on a corduroy suit and watch it now. (

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Real Talk - Linguistics professor Vyvyan Evans argues that the popular idea of a language instinct is “simple, powerful and completely wrong” in a new essay that is sure to be engrossing to every word nerd. (

Ron Scheffler/Handout

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From The Village to the Basement - Bob Dylan fans eager to eat up anything related to the new box set, The Basement Tapes, should check out this short film narrated by Jeff Bridges. The actual visuals, comprised of more than 12,000 photos, may not be that exciting, but having The Dude as narrator is selling point enough. (

David Vincent/AP

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When You Were Mine - Great break-up songs need great videos, and this one nails it with the help of Tegan and Sara, who co-star alongside Night Terrors of 1927 in the first video to promote the band’s debut album. (

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Nick Offerman: American Ham - The double meaning of the title is so perfectly Nick Offerman, is it not? You probably know Offerman as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Check out this film of his touring show, set for release on Friday, to see the comedian in his full glory. (

Shayd Johnson

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