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Hundreds of Kate Bush impersonators will gather to recreate her iconic Wuthering Heights music video at 3 p.m. on Saturday in Montreal’s Jeanne-Mance Park. And they won’t be alone. This tribute to Bush – which was started by Brighton’s Shambush theatre troupe in 2013 with 300 dancers – will also be happening in cities including London and Sydney. Montreal is the first Canadian city to take part.

“There’s just something so weird and magical about Kate Bush herself and about this song,” said Sandra Huber, one of the Montreal event organizers.

Huber and fellow organizers Hilary Bergen, Eileen Holowka and Karissa LaRocque ask that participants wear a red dress, red stockings and black belt. But really, they just want people to experience “this magical world” Kate has created.

“We want people to participate, not just stand on the sidelines,” Bergen said. “You don’t have to be a young woman. You don’t have to look any particular way. It’s just about everyone coming together and sharing in this world together.”