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For those who love the other-worldiness of Graceland, yet wonder where to find more of that, here are a few essential non-Western titles

Ali Farka Touré Niafunké The essence of American blues from one of Mali’s greatest guitarists and singers. His soul is deep, his playing declarative. Essential.

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The Very Best of Ethiopiques A highlight disc from the great Ethiopiques series of mainly older Ethiopian and Eritrean records. Guitars and piano, rather than synthesizers. Jamming and spiritual rolled into one.

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Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges Clube da Esquina Brazil’s Tropicalia movement turned ethereal in this 1972 album, drawing on influences from bossa nova to the Beatles.

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Streets of Lhasa Any disc from the label Sublime Frequency, which specializes in field recordings from far-off lands and audio montages from the radio and other sources, is worth checking out. This beautiful album features songs recorded on the street of the Tibetan capital.

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The Tahitian Choir Vol. 2 Rapa Iti South Pacific choral music both sunny and utterly haunting. The descending lines are like nothing in Western music and are guaranteed to give anyone chills.

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