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Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pathways to Education CanadaSupplied

Pathways to Education Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly as President and Chief Executive Officer.

As a thought leader and social entrepreneur, Taylor-O’Reilly has dedicated the last two decades to facilitating transitions through education for diverse groups that fit outside of traditional systems by ensuring they have access to personalized learning tools, supports, and resources. Most recently, she led the creation of York University’s School of Continuing Studies and previously held leadership and teaching positions at McMaster University.

Taylor-O’Reilly’s experience creating and innovating programs to address the needs of underserved communities is aligned with Pathways’ vision to break they cycle of poverty through education. The award-winning Pathways Program supports youth living in low-income communities through a comprehensive, results-focused approach and has a proven track-record of success and growth over 20 years.