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APEGA’s work has fulfilled a very crucial function: it has ensured that Albertans continue to have faith in the work conducted by engineers and geoscientistsSupplied

By the year 2025, more than five million people will call Alberta home. What’s driving the Sunshine Province’s growth is innovation – and Alberta’s engineers and geoscientists are at the heart of it all.

Engineers and geoscientists continue to push boundaries, whether they’re designing life-saving medical equipment and green-energy technologies or ensuring the stability of resource-extraction sites. And as these licensed professionals lay the foundation for the province’s progress, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) plays a crucial role in making sure they uphold the highest standards of competence and ethical conduct to safeguard the well-being of all Albertans.

“Our licensed professionals represent some of the most innovative problem solvers in the world,” says APEGA’s chief professional sustainability officer Nancy Biamonte about the quality of its registrants.

By setting industry-leading standards for engineers and geoscientists, APEGA creates what it calls “an environment of excellence” in fields ranging from oil and gas and mining to hydrogeology, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence. Since APEGA licensed professionals are equipped with current and progressive skills and knowledge, they can push the envelope when it comes to innovation.

A future of growth and ongoing transformation

That’s good news, because it’s likely that Alberta’s impressive track record of innovation will be tested in the coming years. Historically, the province’s extraordinary growth has been closely tied to its natural resources, particularly within the energy sector. Amid the climate crisis, there is a global focus on sustainability and less polluting forms of energy consumption. Alberta will not be isolated from these winds of change. Its energy sector is under pressure to innovate and adopt greener practices. The regulator’s licensed professionals are central to that evolution.

APEGA is mindful of the innovation that Albertans need and is aware that transformation, however advantageous, cannot come at the cost of safety. Thanks to APEGA, the licensed professionals doing the work are appropriately educated and trained to prioritize safety and public interest while advancing innovation in an ethical, responsible way.

APEGA is not new to this cause. Founded in 1920, the regulatory body has been on the forefront of regulating the professional standards in engineering and geoscience for over a hundred years.

“For more than a century, APEGA has made certain Albertans can rely on the calibre of these licensed professionals by ensuring they possess and maintain the necessary ethical, professional, and technical competencies to keep the public safe,” says Jay Nagendran, registrar and CEO of APEGA.

As a result, APEGA’s work has fulfilled a very crucial function: it has ensured that Albertans continue to have trust in the work conducted by engineers and geoscientists, whether that encompasses mining minerals for pioneering new technologies or constructing the high-rise elevators citizens ride to work every day.

While APEGA’s licensing process is straightforward, it’s also rigorous. It assesses applicants who want to work in engineering or geoscience to confirm they meet specific education, experience, and examination requirements before being issued a licence.

This process means that only highly qualified professionals are allowed to stamp and authenticate drawings and reports. Those stamps indicate the work has been reviewed and approved by a licensed professional, which provides an extra layer of assurance to the public that the work meets appropriate standards.

APEGA is also responsible for investigating complaints against engineers and geoscientists, and taking appropriate disciplinary action. This too maintains the integrity of the professions, as it ensures that licensed professionals adhere to ethical and professional standards for the good of the public.

As the engineers and geoscientists of Alberta gear up to grapple with changing technologies, techniques, and tools, even seasoned professionals will have to approach this new phase of growth like lifelong students. Given the rapid pace of technological advancements in these fields, it stands to reason that professional engineers and geoscientists need to stay current with methodologies.

It’s also clear that simply setting initial standards is not enough. As such, promoting ongoing learning is a big part of the organization’s mandate. It offers professional development sessions to help licensed professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need to meet continuing professional development requirements, producing exceptional work and providing services that are both safe and effective.

The decades to come will bring still more ethical dilemmas, legal considerations, and social responsibilities. The public expects more from companies and professionals than ever before – but APEGA’s commitment to Alberta and its citizens runs deep.

“Professional engineers and geoscientists play a significant part in driving Alberta forward with courage and innovation,” says Mr. Nagendran. “From developing cutting-edge technologies to solving complex challenges, they provide the expertise and ingenuity that unlock new possibilities for our communities and the world.”

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